The magical properties of numbers

Each number has a unique vibration and can actually shed light onto a person's behavior or predict whether romantic partners are compatible.

I have been a Numerologist for over 40 years and I have found this to be a remarkable and insightful tool into a person's  overall profile.

A Numerological  analysis can determine past and future events in your life.  

The moment we are born we begin our own personal cycle and the numbers of our birthdate provides a Blueprint with which to understand our existence. 

All our unique talents, abilities and negative aspects, as well as the lessons we have to learn are contained in this Blueprint. 

A birthdate can show more than just personality traits.  It can show our ability to cope with the world, career potential, health difficulties, sexual energy, childhood problems and much more..... 

Numerology is the study of a person's birthdate, in order to reach a greater understanding of that person.